Outreach & Follow-up

The Outreach and Follow up Team

Furious warfare occurs in the unseen world over individuals who give their lives to Christ. This is a key reason why so few stay with the Lord after making a profession of faith. With the help of the Lord, we can retain new believers if we organize a team of committed workers who will work with these new believers. Commitment to the process God has given us will help us to retain new believers. Before becoming involved, you will need to become willing to meet with new believers every Wednesday night. This is our follow up night. You will need to go through the training, and you will need to become involved in daily prayer for our new believers for a period of one year. Every meeting you have with a new believer will be scheduled by Pastor Pancho. You may or may not have another team member present during these 45-minute meetings.

To get involved with the Outreach and Follow up Team, email or call Pastor Pancho at the church office (925-934-3056) to discuss your interest. He will let you know when the next training begins.

The “A” Team

Being involved in this kind of ministry is not limited to joining the follow up team. You can touch a lot of people through joining our A Team. The “A” stands for “attentive”, as in attentive to absentees. We gather on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month around noon (when Ladies’ Bible study is meeting) or 10 AM (when Ladies’ Bible study is on break). Our purpose is to mail the Sunday church bulletin each week to those who miss two Sundays in a row of church. This way they can know what is going on with church news. We also include a short personal “sticky” note to each one. This is a wonderful ministry a person can complete in less than an hour 2 times a month. In addition, we have subscribed to a list of names on address labels of new residents moving into our area. We take the time to put these labels on beautifully designed church brochure and mail it out to new residents. If they are looking for a church they can consider OPCC!

If you would like to be a part of the “A” Team, simply call the church office at 925-934-3056, or send an email to:info@opccag.org.