One on One Bible Study

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As a service to both our community and any guest of Oak Pak Christian Center, we offer the opportunity to study the Bible one-on-one. These one-on-one studies are called “A New Heart”. Here is the premise of this Bible study series:

Imagine your heart as being composed of many rooms with doors to each room. From childhood to adulthood we open these doors and allow hurt, pain and sin to enter in. Hurt and pain enter by what other people have done to us and by how we have been treated. Sin enters when we violate God’s laws. These un-wanted occupants of our heart block the best things God has for us; such as love, peace, joy and closeness to God and each other. The New Heart one-on-one Bible study has been designed to teach us how to evict this unwanted debris from our heart using sound Biblical principles.

These lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Call the church office at 925-934-3056, or submit the form above to plan your personal Bible study.